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Bamiyarra Not So Still(s) exhibition

Bamiyarra Not So Still(s) exhibition

On Friday 3 August we are launching our final project for 2012, the Bamiyarra Not So Still(s) exhibition at Melbourne’s Signal, a creative studio and gallery for young people.

Young Hazaras in Melbourne and Afghanistan have collaborated with artists Andrew Garton, Werner Hammerstingl and Yandell Walton to explore the art of the photo essay, projected video and sound in a mixed media exhibition.

Our special guest is Najaf Mazari, author of The Rugmaker of Mazar-e-Sharif and co-author of The Honey Thief.

Bamiyarra Not So Still(s) is presented by Home Lands v2, a collaboration between La Trobe University, Swinburne University, City of Melbourne Arts and Participation Program and the Cultural Development Network. Home Lands is funded by an Australian Research Council Linkage Grant, City of Melbourne and the Cultural Development Network.

Launch: Friday 3 August, 6:30pm, Signal, Flinders Walk, Northbank
Exhibition: Saturday 4 August to Saturday 11 August, from 1pm to 5pm. Screenings commence after dark.



  • We've completed the first round of training and production, including the design of our project ID and we like it! And we've had a crack at a trailer and everyone's had a go at writing and producing aspects of the first two of four micro-docs. The team will be back in 2012 for more fun with digital media in Melbourne town.
  • Training has commenced and so to a call out for Hazara's abroad to contribute their ideas, images, art work, poetry, video. We'll be creating a network of contributors over the next couple of weeks, so if you're out there and want to be involved click on Get-involved.
  • After an inspiring and informative meeting in Dandenong today, with our core group of young Hazara, we've sorted out a reasonable schedule and now we're ready to do a call out for more team members. Click on GET INVOLVED for more info. Applications close 25 Sept.
  • Great news! Youthworx Media will provide training to our emerging production team of Hazara through their inSite program in collaboration with Multicultural Arts Victoria. Penne Thornton has been appointed as the InSite Media Trainer and will work closely with the Home Lands v2 team.
  • A short trip to Sydney saw possible synergies with Curious Works and Auburn Council should we see a screening of Afghan Voices there.
  • We're now on Facebook. Sign up from Facebook feed on the right side of this site and if you know of any media arts projects created with people from refugee backgrounds, let us know about it there.
  • We're getting pretty close to a call out for participants. About 5 - 6 people have signed up already. We're aiming for 10 - 12. Currently in discussions with Youthworx who will provide training and mentorship.
  • The first milestone in Home Lands v2, a project scoping report, has been completed! We required the report to deepen our knowledge of the new community we intend to work with, Hazara, ethnic Afghanistanis, potential project partnerships, distribution and exhibition outcomes and finally, what a revitalised Home Lands project looks like. Extracts from the report will be published here. You can also read a personal account of the report in the producer's blog. Next step, Project Briefs!

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