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Where are Hazara in Australia?

"Proud to be Afghan-Oz", Griffith, NSW 2007.

Approximately 20000 Hazaras live in Australia, up to 10000 of them in Melbourne. The remainder are in Sydney, approximately 5 to 6000 mostly in Merrylands and Auburn, with 2 to 3000 spread across Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth.

In Victoria up to 8500 live in Southeast Melbourne, the majority in Dandenong and surrounding suburbs, largely Narre Warren and Cranbourne. Smaller numbers have moved to Footscray, Sunshine and regionally to Geelong, Deer Park, Mildura, Swan Hill, Shepparton and Ballarat.

Since late 2008, up until December 2010, up to 4342 Hazara arrived by boat, the remainder by air. In 2010, in spite of international condemnation, the acceptance rate for Hazaras seeking asylum in Australia dropped from 95 to approximately 50% leaving as many as 3 to 4000 in detention undertaking the appeals process. Another 4000 are believed to be in Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur) and Indonesia (Bogor) awaiting their claims for asylum to be processed.

Further abroad over 1 million Hazara continue to seek asylum outside of their home land. There are 2 to 3 million Hazara refugees in Isfahan and Qom, Iran, and one to two million in Quetta, Pakistan.
Over the past 10 years Hazaras have sought asylum in the USA, Canada, Sweden, Norway and Auckland, New Zealand.

Despite the international military presence in Afghanistan the number and extent of abuses, from assassinations to executions of Hazara civilians has not abated².

Is this information up-to-date? Is it accurate and have we over-looked anything?


3 thoughts on “Where are Hazara in Australia?

  1. Good

    Posted by Wajid ali | December 8, 2011, 6:10 pm
  2. Hi Andrew

    Thank you for the article I am not sure what’s your background. However I thought it would be fitting to go one step further and highlight the modest achievements of Hazaras settled here in Oz. There are over 300 university students in Melbourne and a handful of proffessional working a range a jobs, i.e. Govt to private sector who are products of Aus higher education systems.

    Over 55% of Hazaras in Melb south east own their own homes.

    There are great success stories that the wider community can be expossed to that Hazaras have embrassed Aus as their home and working hard at being valuable members of the wider community.


    Posted by sekandar | December 8, 2011, 8:28 pm

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