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Collaboration, Production

Re-visioning Home Lands

Hazara boy reads whilst his cattle graze.

Prior Home Lands projects incorporated digital story-telling techniques. Home Lands v2 is taking a different approach. Our aim is to produce a body of work that draws expertise and influence from current and emerging media arts practice for many platforms. More importantly, it would be audience focused at the outset.

At all levels of production we would like to share ideas and stories as much as we can with our audiences, audiences drawn from Hazara networks and communities, cultivating stories bound within agreed to themes and produced in collaboration with Afghanistanis abroad.

Production outcomes would see a mix of exhibition ready projects localised primarily in the city of Melbourne. A skills and capacity building program provided by Youthworx Media, interwoven with collaborative project work and networking, including incentives for our team of content producers such as pathways options, mentorships and access to Melbourne’s creative communities would complete the Home Lands v2 package.

The entire program would be underpinned by the key premise of cultural development; learning, innovation and creation with the addition of a recruitment program at the outset and exhibition and pathways options post-creation.

In summary, Home Lands v2 is proposed to be a high quality, mixed media production creating themed episodes produced both locally and in collaboration with international participants.


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